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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Overall Awesomeness Quiz

Ever wondered just how awesome and original you are? well, the answer is here! simply answer truthfully the below questions and add to see your awesomeness!
  1. What is your favorite flavor icecream?

  2. chocolate
    rocky road
    chocolate chip

  3. Which pizza topping would you choose?

  4. extra cheese
    a meat
    a fruit or veggie

  5. How many true friends do you have?

  6. none
    just a lot of acquaintances
    1-5 and a lot of acquaintances
    too many to count

  7. Which would you choose as a pet?

  8. a dog or cat
    parrot or guppie
    none, i hate animals
    chinchilla or ferret
    none, i'm allergic

  9. Rate your randomness on a scale of 1-10.

  10. 0-2

  11. Which is your favorite food combination?

  12. burger and fries
    fries dipped in chocolate shake
    all of these choices are disgusting
    oreos and peanutbutter
    creamcheese and jelly

  13. This could be the most important question: peanutbutter preference.

  14. it has to be specific (i.e. only Skippy creamy with the aqua blue lid!)
    consistancy matters only (i.e. as long as it's chunky)
    brand is essential (i.e. choosey moms choose Jiff)
    i hate peanutbutter, it sticks to the roof of my mouth
    no preference as long as it's peanutbutter and sticks to the roof of my mouth

  15. what is your favorite sport to play?

  16. golf and tennis
    raquetball or badmitten
    football or ruggby
    soccer or hockey
    track or cross country

  17. favorite sport to watch:

  18. golf and tennis
    raquetball or badmitten
    football or ruggby
    soccer or hockey
    track or cross country

  19. Do you think this test is pointless?

  20. completely, i just wasted ten minutes of my life!
    yes, but i had fun.
    of course not, i need to know how awesome i am!
    no, everything has a purpose.
    what was the question?

After clicking "Awesome-ify Me" return here to read further into your score.

You suck. No offense, but you just aren't awesome. You are unoriginal and kin of pathetic. My apologies if this answer burst your ego bubble, but someone had to break it to you sooner or later. We believe the sooner the better.
You aren't very awesome. Sorry, but you just don't quite hit awesomeness, although you are somewhat cool. Maybe you believe thateveryone is awesome in their own awesome way, but we don't think so. Good luck with that.
You are pretty aweosme, we guess. You definitley pass awesomeness, but could work on your originality. You are random and totally worthy of loserdom (which is a good thing), hey, at least you aren't a completely pathetic idiot.
You are now our new best friend. You are awesome in ways indescribable. Totally, random and overflowing with awesomeness. You will do great things. Rock on, brilliant one, rock on!


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