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Saturday, January 13, 2007

7th Heaven Quiz

This is a quiz on the chapters 1-5 of 7Th Heaven.
  1. What is a garbage disposal used for?

  2. to get rid of garbage
    to clog a sink
    to hold water in a sink
    used for a dishwasher

  3. Why was Lucy upset?

  4. She couldn't go shopping
    She never got her menstruation
    She was pregnant
    She wants a boyfriend

  5. What did Mary want Matt to do

  6. teach her to play basketball
    take her to the mall
    Hang out with with her and her friends
    show her how to kiss boys

  7. what does Simon pray for to God?

  8. A cat
    A mouse
    a new bike
    a dog

  9. Why does Reverend Camden hire Mrs Fink?

  10. Because he likes her
    To trick Matt into to going to church
    To trick Matt into working
    To teach Matt a Lesson

  11. Why did Matt have to go to church on Sundays

  12. Mrs Fink Fired him
    Matt quit his job
    Reverend Camden wanted him to sing at church
    Because Lucy and Mary had to go

  13. what is the name of the youngest girl?

  14. Mary

  15. Why was Annie at the pound?

  16. To look at all the animals
    To go to dinner
    To get a car
    To pick a dog

  17. Why was Reverend Camden angry at Annie?

  18. Annie went without him to the pound?
    Annie was leaving to see her parents?
    Annie and Reverend Camden were late for church?
    Annie never told him her parents were coming

  19. Why did Mary want Matt to teach her to kiss?

  20. She has a boyfriend
    She likes matt
    Mary likes Jeff
    She has to go the mall to find a boy


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