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Sunday, August 28, 2005

r u mean?or not?

so u want to know if u are mean or not well u came to the right place.
  1. if some1 drops there books u:

  2. pick them up and help
    kick the books awaw and laugh

  3. if some1 is crying u:

  4. ask whats rong.
    u just walk rite by.

  5. if some1 was getting beat up u:

  6. stand up 4 them
    help the bully

  7. if some1 punched u would:

  8. punch bak
    talk it out

  9. if a little kid asked u to play u say:

  10. said NEVER U ARE STUPID!and left the little kid crying
    say shure and play

  11. if u were in the spotlight u would:

  12. punch every that was waching u
    sing a nice poem about flowers.

  13. if u had 2 coats and some1 asked 4 1 u would:

  14. say shure and stay and talk
    say buzz of weardo!

  15. if u were all alone and some1 sat next to u would:

  16. punch them.
    stay and talk


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