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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Are You Whipped By Your Girlfriend? (guys only)

  1. Would you carry her books to class for her?

  2. yes

  3. Would you make a special bouque of flowers just for her?

  4. yes

  5. What would you do if she said she needed space?

  6. Ask her what she ment by that... Knowing exactly what she ment.
    or say ok I understand

  7. Would you give her her biggest disire if that ment spending your last dime?

  8. yes
    Im not sure

  9. Would you stay up and wait for her to get home so you could call her, or would you go to bed?

  10. Stay up
    Go to bed

  11. Would you try to change if you dis something she didnt like?

  12. Yes
    Well I dunno

  13. Would you carry out her last wishes if it ment major sacrifice on your part?

  14. yes

  15. Who wears the pants in yalls relationship? (be honest)

  16. I DO
    She does

  17. Do you give her the last piece of pizza?

  18. yes

  19. Are you taking this qiuz right now because she made you?

  20. no


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