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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Does she like you?

  1. When she is you and other guys how does she act?

  2. like she normally does, normal
    she flirts with me
    she ignores me

  3. When you are alone with her what does she do?

  4. she talks to me
    she gets tense and stays by herself
    she messes with me

  5. When she hands something to you how does she do it?

  6. very carefully with both hands
    tosses it
    passes it to you without thinking much

  7. What topics does she talk about when shes with you?

  8. simple topics like school or events
    she askes about you and your life and friends

  9. What do her friends say to you about her?

  10. she likes you
    they dont say anything
    she doesnt like you


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