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Monday, September 05, 2005

[x] the best quiz in the world [x]

this is my quiz if you dont do it i will be very hurt so please do it :):P
  1. who is my favourite band?

  2. my chemical romance
    funeral for a friend
    blink 182

  3. what form am i in?

  4. 7za

  5. which one of these instruments do i play?

  6. trumpet
    all of the above

  7. what are my dogs names?

  8. honeychild, tinkerbell and foxy
    hamish, dougal and george
    barney, montgomery and neville
    you, poo and face

  9. which is my favourite film in the whole wide world?

  10. a cinderella story
    mean girls
    a nightmare before christmas
    bruce almighty

  11. who are the geeks on mary kate and ashley game?

  12. sweaty coo and just plain coo coo
    ginger coo and sweaty coo
    silly coo and just plain coo coo
    ginger coo and silly coo

  13. sorry bout the last question only a few people will knowt that :P anyway what is my fave sitcom

  14. desperate housewives (jessy wallace omg!:P)
    sex 'n' the city

  15. which one is the best?

  16. dogs

  17. which cars do i want?

  18. ford ka and a ferrari
    ford ka, ferrari(red with pop up lights:P) and a volkswagen camper bus
    ford ka and a smart car
    ford ka and a evo

  19. when is my birthday (this will show me my real friends)?

  20. june 5
    august 6
    february 19
    august 5

if u didnt do well on my quiz then i will have to cut you outof my life no offence :P


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