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Saturday, September 24, 2005

when will u find your true love..

  1. do u consider yourself passionate and romantic?

  2. yes, very much
    no i dont.

  3. do u belive in love at first sight?

  4. yes
    not sure

  5. what do u look in a guy/girl?

  6. eyes

  7. do u believe in true love and soulmates?

  8. i dunno
    yes, i think so

  9. how old are u?

  10. preteen

  11. do u think looks matter?

  12. yes very much
    no the personality matters the most
    both looks and personality matters

  13. what do u think love is?

  14. a part of life
    a wake up pill
    a big risk

  15. finally, do u believe in eternal marriage?

  16. yes i do
    i dunno

if your score is at the red margin then its possible you'll find that person sooner than u think. thank u for taking my quiz.


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