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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Are you graceful & fast or smart & stylish? Are you a chips & salsa kind of person or a oatmeal cookie lover? Take this quiz to find out what your personality is like!
  1. My school's having its own Olympics & I'm goin' for the gold in...

  2. Gymnastics. I'm steady on the balance beam.
    Track & Field. I love to run-fast!
    Figure Skating. Costumes & music & ME!
    Vollyball. I'm happiest on a team.

  3. I'm planning a sleepover. What's my party theme?

  4. Monopoly Marathon!
    Karaoke Night. Wer'e ready to sing all night long!
    Hair Dare. Get out the blow-dryer!
    Who needs a theme? Wer'e just gonna hang out & have fun!

  5. My favorite snack food is...

  6. Veggies & Dip
    Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!
    Chips & Salsa
    Oatmeal Cookies

  7. At the beach, I...

  8. Hang out on a blanket, listen to music & soak up the sun!
    Build sand castles & collect seashells with my friends.
    Take surfing lessons. Surfs up!
    Swim & jump in the waves.

  9. I'm meeting my friends at the mall & I'm...

  10. Right on time
    Fifteen minutes early
    ALMOST on time, but I stopped to look at that cute skirt in a store window.
    So busy making sure that everyone knew where & when to meet that... I'M LATE!!

  11. Someone makes a joke in the middle of class. My teacher gets mad. I...

  12. Pretend I did it & promise to stop telling jokes in the middle of class.
    Hold my breath & hope that the joker doesn't get in trouble.
    Try not to laugh but end up snorting.
    Laugh like crazy. I can't help it!

  13. I slip in the cafeteria & my tray lands on the floor with a crash. When everyone claps, I...

  14. Turn bright red and run to my table.
    Twirl like a ballerina over to my table so everyone laughs with me, not at me.
    Glare at the spilled milk that made me fall in the first place.
    Shrug my shoulders & grin. Stuff happens.

  15. My school's having a talent show! I'm...

  16. A singing, dancing, karaoke sensation!
    Writing a comedy skit to perform with my friends.
    Making up a dance to my favorite song & trtalking my friends into joining me.
    Gulp! Can't I be the stage manager?!?

  17. When it comes to my hair I...

  18. Keep it short & simple.
    Go for the latest, coolest style.
    Love it short & curly.
    Can't get a comb through it!

9 Points:

Your smart, graceful, & fast.You may be small, but you have a big voice that you're not afraid to use. Your friends love you for your creativity & how much you care about them. Nobody messes with your friends.

10-16 Points

A true idividual in looks & personlity. Your strong, active & love a challenge. You might be shy and quiet with strangers but when your with your BFF's you can be the life of the party.

17-24 Points

Your smart, stylish & energetic. At a sleep over your the first to pull out the nail polish &7 you love makeovers. Your also an actress, always making your friends crack up with your latest dramatic adventure.

25-36 Points

Your friendly & fun loving. You make friends wherever you go. You love games and sports. Your always planning sleepovers & get togethers, making sure no one gets left out.


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