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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Club Quiz

  1. What do you think about wolves?

  2. They're so cute,and fluffy,and dangerous.....
    I'll get the shotgun
    They're ok

  3. If you won the lottery you would

  4. Buy out the school and then burn it
    Blow it all on the arcade
    Buy an exact copy of the general
    Go to the mall

  5. Your pet of choice

  6. Monkey or bird
    Wolf or dog
    Cat or horse
    Farm animal

  7. Your favorite thing to do on weekends

  8. Sleep
    Wactch TV
    Blow stuff up!

  9. You got a new pet.You name it

  10. something happy like Joy
    something evil like Fang
    something unusal like Adalwolfa
    something oridinary like Lucky

  11. Your favorite books

  12. Harry Potter
    Artemis Fowl
    I don't like to read

  13. If you had to learn a second langauge it would be

  14. spanish

  15. The TV channel you watch the most

  16. Cartoon Network
    History Channel
    Animal Planet


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