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Sunday, October 16, 2005


How well do you know me!
  1. What's my middle name?

  2. Shae
    Ragen Shae

  3. What is my absolute favorite color?

  4. Pink
    Baby Blue

  5. What is my favorite past time?

  6. Rippin' it
    drinkin' with my girls

  7. What's my fiance's name?

  8. Tanner

  9. Who are my 3 best friends EVER?

  10. Britt, Aud, Juls
    Britt, Hay, Aud

  11. What color are my eyes?

  12. Green

  13. Where do I want to live when I get out of school?

  14. Laguna Beach
    New York

  15. Where do Craig and I want to go for our honeymoon?

  16. Figi

Hehe *Kendra


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