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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

How well do you know me?

You know the name of the game, if you win then you know me. If you lose... Are you sure you're my friend and not just some weird wannabe stalker?
  1. What do I like the most?

  2. Chocolate
    Asian guys
    Poking people
    Japanese stuff

  3. Who do I secretly have a crush on?

  4. Guzzo (Dave Atell w/ hair)
    Taka (Haro haro...)
    Jin (He's a puffy marshmellow! ^_^)
    Kenny (Damn him, he IS cute...)
    Gabe (He's one wild and crazy guy!)
    Any guy so long as he's Asian ^_~ (Should I just move to Fort Lee?)
    None of your F*ing bussiness that's who!

  5. What am I likely to be dojng at 1AM?

  6. Driving backwards on the highway while trying to get Taco Bell
    Practicing Voodo
    Plotting against the Yugio players
    Setting stuff on fire O_o
    Stealing Princess' third husband away
    Watching TV

  7. What's my favorite animal?

  8. Pikachu

  9. Who do I consider my Rival?

  10. Shephie (she gets more guys than I do...)
    Princess (she can wear a mini skirt....)
    Miguel (his house is bigger than mine...)
    Taka (he drives a Japanese bowling shoe...)
    Jenny Lee (she's cooler than me...)
    Chrisy (he's way cuter than me...)
    Chedward (he can fire people...)

  11. Why is Chinatown so special?

  12. Giant stuffed Pikachu
    Dumplings and pork and wintermelon soup!
    Aji Ichiban
    A poster, a giant fan, and a very special person.
    Cause it's in the city
    Walking in circles!
    Neat stuff at low, low prices!

  13. What Anime character do I identify with?

  14. Washu
    Haro Haro
    Cardcaptor Sakura
    I don't know and I'm not going to answer

So there you go! Hope you did well


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