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Friday, October 28, 2005

whats your fashion style?

Ever wondered whether people see you as a hip and happening fashionista or a scruffy so and so? now you can discover your true fashion style with this brutally honest quiz.
  1. What would you wear on a first date with a guy you really liked?.

  2. a simple, yet elegant dress to make me feel womanly
    jeans, t-shirt and trainers. im not going to pretend to be someone im not.
    something that shows off as much flesh as possible, i want him to want me.
    a chic and eclectic combination straight out of vogue to show my individuality and sense of style.

  3. when you're at home alone what can you be found wearing?

  4. In the skimpiest of underwear, you never know when the window cleaners might turn up.
    in whatever is on the floor.
    tight jeans and a little vest top
    the latest trend, its experimentation time.

  5. what is your beach attire?

  6. the smallest thong bikin in history to show off my curves
    a classic two piece designer bikini
    a retro bikini complete with kaftan, oversized shades, jewellery and straw hat, oh and a cocktail!
    a plain and simple tankini.

  7. what is your footwear of choice?

  8. the seasons must have chloe boots
    jaw-droppingly high jewelled stilletos
    classic,stilleto court shoes from Gina or Louboutin
    trainers or barefoot.

  9. finish the sentence: Acessories...

  10. maketh the man (or woman)
    are a waste of time and money
    are fabulous in moderation
    are what a man buys me,the bigger and sparklier the better

  11. how would you describe your fashion sense?

  12. in vogue.
    classy and classic
    what fashion sense?

  13. your best friend is...

  14. a guy. i'm one of the lads
    for life. she is so honest and trustworthy.
    different every week. depending on whos clothes are the nicest
    a threat.

  15. your favorite item of clothing is....

  16. your classic chanel bag
    your agent provocateur undies
    your jeans
    your vintage polka dot tea dress.so now.

  17. your favorite subject at school was?

  18. art and design
    biology ( and not the kind that involves lessons)

  19. if you could be anyone for a day who would you be?

  20. A supermodel like Kate Moss or Giselle
    Coco Chanel
    Carrie from Sex and the city
    Germaine Greer

So now its time to find out what your true fashion style is...


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