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Saturday, November 05, 2005

A quiz for you

its a happy and random quiz :)
  1. Whats my name?

  2. Ashley
    i have no name!! go away!!

  3. Do i like dr pepper?

    stupid question... OF COURSE!!! its the love of my life!!
    eh... a lil
    i think id rather shoot myself in the face than drink dr pepper

  5. What is an AWESOME place to eat in waco?

  6. taco bell
    eating is wrong

  7. What kind of guitar am i getting?

  8. gibson
    fender sunburst!!!
    black squier
    why would i want a guitar?

  9. matress firm....

  10. where its hard to find a bad deal
    hello jello!
    where it easy to get a great nite sleep
    youre a freak!!

  11. sex is...

  12. a very bad thing unless youre married!!
    an amazing thing when youre married
    omg.. sex...
    good all the time

  13. who came up w/ the song in the question you just answered?

  14. john and alex
    john, alex, me, anna

  15. what is the best movie of all time?

  16. monster's inc.
    the emperor's new groove

  17. who are my fave bands?

  18. green day, goo goo dolls, death cab for cutie, the beatles, fall out boy
    hall and oats!! hec yes
    green day, gwen stefani, fall out boy, kanye west
    music should die

  19. what are my 3 fave songs?

  20. holiday, wake me up when september ends, iris, gone
    when i come around, iris, gone
    iris, gone, 1-2 step, my humps
    slide, come together, my humps, iris

you have now taken my super duper quiz! wasnt it super amazing!!


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