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Thursday, November 03, 2005

How to Conduct an Effective Interview

Answer questions to best of your ability. Good Luck!
  1. What are 2 major things to consider when conducting an interview?

  2. time and distance
    time and place
    place and amount of distractions

  3. How long should an interview be?

  4. 30-40min

  5. What is one way to prepare for an interview?

  6. eat before you go
    be on time
    be a little late

  7. What should you now about the employer?

  8. where they are located
    if you know anyone who works there
    the size and structure of the organization

  9. What are barriers?

  10. certain things the interviewer and interviewee share
    certain ideas they might differ on
    certain things that are different between them

  11. Name a barrier.

  12. height
    number of children

  13. Why are overcoming barriers important?

  14. to be more relaxed
    to interview well
    make an impression

  15. Place of an interview is important because.

  16. keep from distractions
    need distractions
    can determine time lenght of interview

  17. Why should one prepare for an interview?

  18. to have a better chance of getting the job
    to make the interview run smoother
    to create a relaxing atmosphere

  19. This website...

  20. ROCKS
    could use a little work, but is ok

Thank you


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