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Monday, November 07, 2005

Which JAC Member Are You?

Answer the questions to determine which girl from JAC you are most like. Just in case you didn't know, JAC is Jen Winston, Anna Hallagan, Anna Zaret, Colleen Cahill, and Cici Lemke...but you should know. Bitch.
  1. What's your favorite band or artist? (out of the following)

  2. Ben Folds
    Jack Johnson
    The Killers
    Red Hot Chili Peppers

  3. Drug of choice? (again out of the following)

  4. Sex trumps drugs.
    I want my MARIJUANA!
    Been there, done that, and I'm still gonna go with Alcohol.
    Eh, drugs aren't that cool. I like alcohol though!
    Depends on the night.

  5. Get crunk?

  6. Yeah, dude.
    Where will I spend the night?
    ...AND GET LAID!
    I told you already, it's 430. We need to start drinking.

  7. You go out one night, come home, and realize you're locked out. You...

  8. Go to your college friend's house.
    Spend the night at the house of whichever friend gave you a ride home.
    Spend the night at your boyfriend's.
    Call everyone you know, but eventually just pass out in your boyfriend's room.
    Sleep in your car. You've got a roomy backseat, I mean, why not?

  9. Your idea of an out-of-of-the-ordinary good time would be:

  10. Going to Europe for a week! Tight!
    a broadway play. But NOT with your family.
    Chillin' at home...being very low key.
    a concert
    an IU basketball game.

  11. Your obsession: (again, sorry guys, you have to pick out of the following)

  12. making schedules
    having sex
    I don't really get obsessed with things.

  13. Your ride:

  14. ...is tiiiight.
    ...is expensive
    ...could be better, but its a car, right?
    ...gets me from point A to point B.
    ...is pretty pimped out, actually.

  15. Favorite Subject?

  16. Math of any kind.
    Science, in general.
    History/Social Studies
    I don't go to school.

  17. You collect...

  18. Good books
    Beer bottles, but you have to throw the collection away when your parents come home.
    Nothing...sadness? (also movies)
    Victoria's Secret Dogs

  19. Primary means of communication?

  20. Texting, for suuure.
    E-mail or in person.
    My friends's phones, and in person.
    Mi cellular.
    I should already be with the people I'm trying to communicate with. Plus my phone's dead.


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