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Monday, November 07, 2005

Love Me Today, Rebel Like Shay

This is a quiz designed to reveal the true yearnings of your pathetic heart. It's results should leave you feeling more tuned into your actual psyche and emotions.
  1. Your shoes are lost in the wild west. To solve this problem you:

  2. Build some new jeans
    Order new shoes off the net
    Buy your mom some roses
    Who needs shoes?

  3. Coffee is the latest fad and your best friend is anxious to eat dinner, you:

  4. Take a shower because you feel dirty
    Order Chinese to eat in front of your best friend
    Watch TV for hours on end
    You have taped your face to the mirror in the bathroom

  5. Do you love music?

  6. I wear Nike shoes
    I'm all about the fo' shizzle
    My dog's name is Spot
    Magic isn't real

  7. The phone rings. You realize that you know who it is that is calling. You answer:

  8. What did you eat last night?
    Road trip to the zoo!
    Wherefor art thou Romeo?

  9. I recently saw a baseball game

  10. Yes, you did.
    No,you didn't.
    I like baseball
    White out doesn't work on computers

  11. You realize you forgot to wear underwear today:

  12. Yes
    I listen to Metallica

Thank you. Your time and efforts will be greatly rewarded.


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