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Sunday, February 05, 2006

How essex r u?

  1. how many people have you slept with

  2. none im saving myself till i get married
    none, people always seam scared off by my chavness
    1, i dont wana be like those slags down the park
    erm . . . . . well iv been time/brannigans/the park ? many times X 10 = ????

  3. how many items of burburry clothing do u or have u owned

  4. none
    its all burburry, i love it cos it is like so totally cool init

  5. whats your hair colour

  6. brown
    natural blond
    dyed blond

  7. when was the last time you spent the whole night crying in the toliets of a club over a guy

  8. last night
    week ago
    month ago
    year ago
    never have

  9. what do you drink on a night out

  10. bacaridi and coke
    white lightning (cider)
    wkd / reef / vk (achol pop)

  11. what is your favourite clothing label

  12. what eva i can nick
    anythink thats a tracksuit

  13. when is the last time u said init

  14. just now
    earlier today
    last week
    last month, i try not to say it.
    i never say it.

  15. whens the last time you walked round your local town drinkin cos you couldnt get into a club

  16. last night, since when couldnt you get into a club wearing a tracksuit and trainers
    i always get in, as my fake tan, padded bra and short skirt make me look at least 15
    i get into clubs, i just usually get chucked out, i swear the guy walked into my fist
    i no i wont get in so i sit outside the offlicence/park drinking instead
    my uncle/friend is the bouncer i always get in.

  17. do you think your an essex girl/boy

  18. no way, ok i may come from essex but i am so above that
    no way i have never been anywhere near essex and never want to
    yeh so what and im proud of it,
    yeh but i wouldnt go round telling everybody
    i have been to essex once and am doinging this test just to make sure it has not rubbed off on me

  19. where do you get your money from

  20. the doll and child support
    nickin stuff
    part time job
    all of the above


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