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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My (Hard!!!) Millsberry Quiz

Be warned: this is the hardest Millsberry quiz you will ever take!

Please be fair-- no looking at Millsberry while taking this quiz! ;)
  1. Which was created first?

  2. Electronics Store
    Hardware Emporium
    Peabody Park
    Tania's Hair Salon

  3. What is the sitting fee for the Portrait Studio?

  4. 100 mb
    200 mb
    300 mb
    400 mb

  5. Who is the local talent scout in Millsberry?

  6. Tee-Ray

  7. Which of the following items did not return to stores along with the other summer clothes in 2005?

  8. Peasant Dress
    Green Dress with Spot Pattern
    Blue Polka Dot Dresss
    Drop Waist Diamond Dress

  9. When was the first day Millsberry was open to the public?

  10. July 5, 2004
    June 5, 2004
    July 25, 2004
    June 25, 2004

  11. Which of the icons/bars were not on the side of the screen when Millsberry first started?

  12. Hungriness bar & Intelligence bar
    Hungriness bar & Money icon
    Health bar & Civics bar
    Hungriness bar & New Mail icon

  13. Which of the following events did NOT occur twice in Millsberry? (Hint- These were annual.)

  14. Thanksgiving Donation Event
    Lucky Charms Hunt
    Halloween Extravaganza
    Breakfast Challenge

  15. Why was Sylvane Lake initially introduced to Millsberry? (Choose the BEST answer!)

  16. So that Sylvie could give out prizes.
    So that citizens could look for clues in the water to lead them to Robert J. Williams.
    So that Peabody Park Fishing could be introduced.
    So that Wave Blaster could be introduced.

  17. Which of the following buildings downtown can you NOT buy/recieve food at?

  18. Millsberry Academy
    Entertainment Complex
    Community Center
    Peabody Park

  19. When Millsberry first started, which building downtown did not have its doors open yet?

  20. Millsberry Academy
    Police Department
    Entertainment Complex
    Bookends Bookshop

Thank you for taking my quiz!


At 5:30 PM, Blogger MillsberryRox said...

Wow that was hard. I am a Sr.citizen, and it was hard even though I got every question right lol


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