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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

How well do you know Geralin?

Have you been paying attention to those stupid surveys I do out of boredom? Do you hang around me enough to know my personality and daily surroundings? Well, lets see =D (Note: If you take this quiz & make one of your own, I promise to take it)
  1. The seat covers in my car are..

  2. Plain white ones
    A hibiscus pattern
    A Japanese pattern
    Not there, you don't have any!

  3. I have an iPOD..

  4. Shuffle

  5. Adeyemo says I 'lose focus' when ______ comes around..

  6. Jay
    The smell of brasso
    He (Adeyemo)
    The marine recruiter

  7. My position at the bank is..

  8. running the drive through window
    A teller
    An intern
    The supervisor's assistant

  9. Even though I don't think so, Nick claims that I'm..

  10. Rich

  11. This drink beats it all..

  12. Cherry coke

  13. If I scream really loud, it only means one thing..

  14. I saw a naked man
    I broke a nail
    My boyfriend just proposed
    I saw a spider

  15. I have never been to..

  16. Singapore

  17. I've been mistaken for being..

  18. Black, or half at least
    Arab, because of my dark skin
    Chinese, because of my slanted eyes
    Stupid, because I'm a minority

  19. My WTF face consists of a..

  20. Wrinkled nose
    Dropped jaw
    Wide eyes
    Raised eyebrow

  21. At work, I hate..

  22. Trying to please my supervisor
    The complicated questions
    My whole job, period!
    My coworkers

  23. My mom hates it when I go to ______ at night during the weekends..

  24. Richardson
    The mall
    My friends' house
    The movies

  25. My favorite kind of date is..

  26. Walking in a park, hand in hand
    Eating at a fancy restaurant
    Going to the movies
    Shopping at the mall

  27. Probably the hardest, what makes my room different from the other rooms in my house?

  28. It faces the front yard
    It has a flowery border
    It's small
    The closet has two doors

How'd you do? Let me know..


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