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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rap Music

If you think you know all about rappers, lets test ur knowledge here!
  1. 50 Cent's real name is...

  2. Marshall Mathers
    Curtis Jamison
    Curtis Jackson

  3. What is 50 Cents movie...

  4. Roll Bounce
    Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
    In The Mix

  5. There is a song by Chamillionaire that just recently came out...

  6. Ridin'
    Ridin' Dirty

  7. _____________ is an artist featured in the song mentioned in Question # 3.

  8. Paul Wall
    Bubba Sparxxx
    Krayzie Bone

  9. Eminem wrote a song called ______________, about his daughter, _______, late last year.

  10. Lose Yourself, Lanie
    When I'm Gone, Haley
    When I'm Gone, Kim

Yo, if u get less than a 80/100...it mite b good in skool but if u is a TRUE rap fan, u would get 100/100, yall.


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