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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Which of the Kacey Lifestyles are you? Try this fun quiz to find out!
  1. Imagine that your ideal home is being featured in a magazine. How would the story start?

  2. “An elegant and gracious space with luxurious touches…”
    “Styled with rustic simplicity, it could be a Tuscan farmhouse or a cottage in Provence…”
    ) “Stylish tropical chic inspired by world travels and literature…”
    “Sophisticated city living with clean lines and dashes of modern glamour…”
    ) “A harmonious, all-American mix of Shaker, Arts and Crafts, and Frank Lloyd Wright influences…”
    f) “Rugged textures and a timeless Western look make this home a warm retreat…”

  3. In which of these locations would you most like to have a vacation home?

  4. Paris
    English Countryside
    New York City

  5. In your decorating dreams, which accessories do you covet the most?

  6. Gilded accents, antique sculpture, crystal and porcelain
    Woven baskets, pottery, prints with roosters, olives, or toile
    Bamboo, interesting objects from the far corners of the world, large plants
    Modern art, uncluttered tables, simply framed photos
    Lamp with mica or Tiffany shade, artisan pottery, stained glass cabinet
    Vintage Indian blankets, side tables made from twigs and bark, antler chandelier

  7. When welcoming guests, what style of music do you like to play?

  8. String Quartet
    Light Opera
    World Music
    Smooth Jazz
    Classic Rock

  9. Which fabrics/upholstery do you favor?

  10. Lush brocades, silks, and velvets
    Homespun textiles in primary colors
    Tropical prints in restful, natural colors
    Clean, modern, with rich texture
    Aged leather, understated tones
    Denims, wools, tweeds

  11. If you had a time machine and could choose to live in another place and era, where would you go?

  12. The Court of Versailles
    The Renaissance
    The 19th Century British Empire
    The Jazz Age
    The Turn of the 20th Century
    The Gold Rush


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