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Friday, July 14, 2006

How much do you love your man?

This tels you how much you luv your man, This is for middle school kids, also.
  1. You and your man have planned a movie, but you accidently hear he's going to dump you after, you:

  2. Break up with him first
    Just play along and wait for him to dump you

  3. Your man just asked you if you will go to the homecoming dance with him, you:

  4. Say yes and give him a big hug
    tell him he's rushing things and say no

  5. The first day you go out, He tells you he loves you, so you:

  6. say i love you to, and kiss him on the cheek.
    Tell him its too early to be saying anything

  7. You and your man are sitting alone in the park, and he does the move, you:

  8. Give him a big smooch
    Push him off of you and run

  9. He askes you to go to dinner tonite, But tonights your best Buds birthday , you:

  10. skip the birthday and apoligize and say you forgot
    Go to the party and tell him your sorry and it will never happen again

Hope you got a good score


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