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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Magus Entrance Exam

To test the suitability of prospective students, here is a small challenge.
  1. Green

  2. Apple

  3. A boleen is?

  4. For sale at Condoms to Go
    A curved blade on a white handle for harvesting herbs
    A curved blade on a white handle for ritual sacrifice

  5. Calling to the watchtowers of the cardinal directions is

  6. A wicked scene from The Craft
    used for some workings but not always
    Sorry, I'm Catholic. I don't need a copy of the Watchtower.

  7. Black Cats

  8. can blow up in your hand
    steal your breath while you sleep
    make for unlucky familiars

  9. Dragon's Blood is

  10. A tree resin from indonesia
    A tree resin from madagascar
    Frightfully painful to extract. tough scales.

  11. Dragon's Blood is used for

  12. embalming fluid
    inks and amulets
    anointing oil for baby goats

  13. The best spells...

  14. Come from Waldenbooks! I have the whole Teen Witch series!
    come from inspiration, meditation and experience
    are effected unnoticed by anyone but you

  15. To cast a spell you need;

  16. bell, book, candle
    a circle
    the will to effect change and mastery over yourself

  17. To summon a demon you need;

  18. a circle, holy water, ritual sword
    a straightjacket (for yourself)
    at least 2 assistants to distract it while you run away

  19. To find your true love, you need;

  20. pink candles
    sexy undies
    airtime on TV

Let's see if you are worthy of being my student...
10/10 is required.

I've included the link to the quiz builder I used after your results.


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