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Friday, July 07, 2006

Which knight of the Round Table are you?

Take this to find out which Grail-goer you are.
  1. Oh, a Frenchman! What's your reaction?

  2. Ask him whether witches weight the same as ducks.
    Tell himyou are king of the Britians and demand entrance to their castle
    You're not afraid of any French! Slice and dice him.
    Yay! A fellow Frenchman! Join in catapulting animals at those British pigdogs!
    Run Away!

  3. The brigde of death! What's your favorite color?

  4. White, but scientifically, it's all the colors of the rainbow reflected.
    Gold, the color of the crown and the holy grail!
    Blue...just, blue.
    The color of British blood!
    Yellow, the color of cowardice.

  5. The killer rabbit is upon you!

  6. Study it and it's interesting eating habits as it devours Sir Galahad.
    Gather your knights of the round table and face it,...for the holy grail!
    Slay the beast! Away!
    Haha! I threw
    Once again, run away!

  7. How many European sparrows does it take to carry a coconut?

  8. Two, if they carry it together. Or one African sparrow. Or maybe a dove,...
    Just ask your master if he would like to join me in my quest for the holy grail!
    No answer, just stick your sword into the sparrows.
    Throw the sparrows at the British!
    Run away. Sparrows carrying coconuts scare you.

  9. You need to enter the French castle. What's the plan?

  10. Build a giant wooden rabbit. If that doesn't work, a giant wooden badger.
    Leave it to Bedevere.
    Run in and kill the French. Oh wait, we haven't gotten in yet, have we?
    I'm already inside, taunting those British bed-wetting types.
    Run away!

Congrats and welcome the the Round Table. And now, let us ride to...Camelot!


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