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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What to do in London

Choose the correct awnser- a, b or c. fill in the gaps- you are being tested!!!
  1. I..... watching T.V yesterday

  2. was

  3. The top........... £5.60.

  4. costs

  5. 1000 is?

  6. one thousand
    one hundred
    one million

  7. I am ........... from exeter to london tommorow

  8. traveling

  9. I would like.....

  10. a single ticket to exeter please
    double tickets to london
    3 ticket to colchester please

  11. I like

  12. to play football yesterday
    to play rugby when it is shined
    to play tennis when the weather is nice

  13. My

  14. teacher's name is Jake
    teacher's name is Jack
    teachers name is Jack

  15. I have

  16. £300 spent money
    £300 spending money
    £300 spend money

  17. i want

  18. to buy that top in they shop
    to buy a tops in their shop they had
    to buy a top in that shop

now please remember your score!


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