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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Who knows me the best?

Who knows me the best? ya you better all know me cuz if you dont ill cry and then you wont be my friend anymore but im j/k i will always love you all but it might not be very nice if you dont do very well so do a good job and know me ok? bye bye and have fun.
  1. When is my b-day?

  2. Feb 12
    Feb 15
    Feb 13

  3. What is my middle name?

  4. Rose

  5. Where do i live?

  6. haysville

  7. What is my favorite color?

  8. Lime Green
    Baby Blue
    Powder Pink

  9. Who is my favorite Group?

  10. The pussycat dolls
    Backstreet boys
    Rascal Flatts

  11. Whats my favorite song? (at the moment)

  12. What hurts the most
    Lips of an angel
    Back at one

  13. Whats my favorite Number?

  14. 3

  15. What is my view on life?

  16. have a good laugh
    live life to the fullest
    laugh at yourself

  17. What is my weak spot?

  18. Dark

  19. What makes me cry the most?

  20. Jerks
    Sweet things said to me
    Certain songs

OK i hope you all did well and know me as well as you thought you did when you started this quiz but ya anyways love ya all and you will all still be my friend even if you did really bad but ya bye bye


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