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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Are you a girly girl?

Trying to find your true style? Wanna know if theirs a girly girl inside of you? Take the quiz and find out!
  1. Your fave lipstick colour?

  2. Pink

  3. Do you wear frilly skirts?

  4. All the time!
    Not in a million years!

  5. Are you a shopaholic?

  6. Yes! I shop all the time
    Sort of, but i don't do it every second
    No way!

  7. For a disco do you wear:

  8. A cute top with a pink frilly skirt
    What evers the latest fashion
    Nothing! I don't even go!

  9. Whats your fave colour?

  10. Pink
    Colours that aren't pink and black
    Dark colours like black and grey

  11. Do you read horoscopes?

  12. Yes

  13. Do you play sports?

  14. Only shopping

  15. What is your fave pet?

  16. Cats
    Anything but cats
    I hate pets!

  17. Your dream holiday would be in:

  18. Paris
    A troical country
    I hate travelling

  19. What type of books do you read?

  20. Fashion mags
    The hottest reads
    I don't read


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