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Monday, August 28, 2006

Let's see how you're going

This quiz is designed to help you see what you know and what areas you need to target for improvement. These questions also need to be considered when writing your final report. Good luck!
  1. Which choice below do you consider to be a basic definition for ritual?

  2. ritual is an action
    ritual is an action which conveys a special message
    ritual is something we do everyday

  3. The meaning of secularisation is . . .

  4. something sacred
    segregation of religious and non-religious things
    the process where religious factors lose social significance

  5. Secular rituals focus more on . . .

  6. the individual
    traditional values

  7. From your reading and personal knowledge, why are people choosing secular rituals over religious?

  8. because they have new values
    because they are popular
    both a and b

Well done! You should now know what you need to include in your report and some questions you may consider for your ritual design.


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