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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What Element Are You?

Please answer all questions honestly.
  1. How yould you describe yourself?

  2. Wild and reckless. Daredevil.
    Strong, but gentle. Likes to Help.
    Calm, strong when needed. Likes peace
    Gentle and quiet. Doesn't like to fight.

  3. What is your favorite color combination?

  4. Green, brown, black.
    Blue, white
    White, Clear, Light blue
    Red, yellow, orange, black.

  5. What do you do? A man steals a women's purse.

  6. Call 911 giving all the information you can before driving by.
    Drive by ignoring it.
    Drive after the crook and catch him yourself, then you call the cops.
    Call the police and stop asking the women if she was hurt and try to help her.

  7. You didn't study for the test the night before. What do you do?

  8. Try and do your best on it.
    Cheat from the smart kid sitting by you.
    Ask the teacher if you can study tonight and take the test tomorrow for slightly less points
    Lie your way out of having to take the test.

  9. Your element do you think you'll be?

  10. Fire

  11. Grade Average:

  12. A's
    D's or lower

  13. Are sick of these stupid questions?

  14. They don't really bother me.
    Does this count towrds by score?

  15. Fill in the Blank: Peanut Butter and ____

  16. Hmmm....What is it to you?
    This can't be a question

  17. A random person comes up and gives you a hug. You:

  18. Yell at them
    Ask them kindly to stop.
    Let them hug you and stand there awkwardly.
    Smile and hug back.

  19. The last question!!!!

  20. At last, I shall find out my destiny!
    When do i get my score?

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