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Saturday, September 24, 2005

My Quiz

Stupid Quiz. I was bored.
  1. favorite colors?

  2. black and limegreeenn
    hotttt pink and yellow

  3. favoriteee show?


  5. I have how many bros and sistersss?

  6. 2 bros 2 hoes
    1 bro 2 hoes

  7. My pets?

  8. 2 dogs, 1 kitty
    1 cat 1 puppy

  9. Where was I born?

  10. Bakersfield
    Long Beachh

  11. Where do I work?

  12. apple market
    tonys pizza

  13. first skateboard?

  14. blind

  15. favorite color to wear.

  16. brown

I dont know. I was bored.


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