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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Are you my type?

Can you be the next American Idol...err uhh I mean are you the type of person that has intrest and things like Andy?
  1. What do you look for in a guy.

  2. Personality
    How much money he has
    His Car
    If he can beat up other guys

  3. Were out on a date, I have to go use the bathroom so I throw you my wallet to pay for the items.

  4. You steal all my money and leave
    You take out the dollar bills and pay
    You take my credit card
    You take some of the money and add your own
    You say no and you pay instead

  5. I get into a bad car accident and end up in a comma for 6 years

  6. You stay with me and come visit me all the time.
    You leave me and go for someone else.
    You frequently see me but you had to move on
    You got over me quick and left me for someone else
    You decide to pull the plug on me after a week

  7. Were going out to see a movie I let you pick it you choose

  8. A hilarious comedy because I love comedy
    An action movie because things being blown up rule!
    A horror movie because I love to be scared
    A Romantic love story like Broke Back Mountain
    A murder mystery suspense thriller because I love to keep guessing

  9. I loan my bro the car, he smokes, he leaves his cigs, when I pick u up u seem them an say

  10. Pull over right now Im walking home
    I hate smokers I hope you die of lung cancer!
    I didnt know that you smoke, you know smoking is bad for you.
    Can I have one of those?
    My friend died from smoking why the f*ck is wrong with you followed by a slap

  11. You end up a famous some how while your with me so now you

  12. Leave me for Brad Pitt
    Leave me for George Clooney
    Party all the time with Paris Hilton because thats hot.
    Stay with me so I can walk you down the red carpet and make you look good compared to me.
    Stay with me and bring me along for the ride but leave me out of all your spot light

  13. I left my cell so we go to my house your snooping around my room and find condoms you say/do

  14. Hey baby lets use these right now in your room!
    Take them with you for someone else later tonight
    Hey you f*cking pimp take me home you nasty STD carrier.
    This is good at least he is or will be using protection if things were to go that far.
    Poke holes in all the condom packets and dont tell me.

  15. Were out to eat and I glance over at a good looking waitress you

  16. Slap me and say you pig!
    Stab me with a knife and say there now you will never see again
    Say excuse me but were out on a date can you focus of me
    Know that Im a guy with wondering eyes and Im sorry
    are too busy sterring at the hot waiter.

  17. It's a cold rainly windy dary stormy night at my house just us we

  18. Watch a horror movie
    Put on a Jazz CD and talk on the couch with the lights off and the fire on
    Snuggle, cuddle up with a blanket, hot chocolate, put on the fire and relax talking
    Watch Bill O'Riley on Fox talk about Oil
    Play a board game.

  19. My birthday comes up you get me

  20. A gift card or money
    The CD/DVD I wanted
    A nice watch or necklance
    Something home made
    Just some hallmark card

  21. We hangin w/ friends @ the mall, a security person takes me cuz they think I stole you

  22. Say well look at him people like his type always steal
    say He's innocent seriously he didnt do it
    Leave because you think Im on my own now
    Wait around until I come back
    Start taking out security guys left and right

  23. I get kicked outta my house you

  24. say well you can stay here
    Offer to put me in a hotel for a while
    say ha ha your own you own you stupid idiot
    Call up a friend who will let me stay at there place
    Me 2 now what do we do

  25. Were going to a concert to see Ziggy Marley (reggae style music) but you'd rather

  26. See a country singer
    See a rap singer
    See a rock singer
    Classical composer
    Try out Ziggy Marley for once with me

  27. All our friend are telling us were not good for each other you

  28. Ignore them and we continue our ways
    Kill them all so thay way they finally shut up
    Dump me because It's getting to you and you think there right
    Go out with one of them instead
    Stay with me even though you dont want to because it will make me happy

  29. I tell you that I turned Bisexual you

  30. Say hey me 2
    Tell me to stay straight cuz your the only one for me
    Go find a guy to be my bf so we can have a 3 some
    Say thats fine thats who you are
    say god what Im not good enough for you so your into guys now

  31. I get fired from my Job, Ive been applying an doing lots of interviews but no job you

  32. Leave me because Im not making any money
    Say hey I can pay for things for now until you get hired again
    Say keep trying Im sure someone will hire you
    Say I knew it your pathetic no one will hire a loser
    Offer me a job with the maffia

  33. Im watching WWE wrestling, Family, and VH1 Swim suit special you are

  34. Disgusted with what I watch and leave me
    Try to watch the shows I watch maybe you will like them
    Tell me these shows suck lets do something else
    Say lets watch The O.C, Laguna Beach, and the Gauntlet
    Tell me CSI, NCIS, Cold Case, and ER are better

  35. Ive been with u for while we really like each other we've only kissed/made out I make a move u

  36. Say no this is wrong we can't do this is a nice way
    Say what the hell are you doing Im leaving right away
    Say hey wait let me invite over a friend to join
    Say I dont think were ready we need to slow down
    Go with it...not all the way but one step further

  37. What kind of personality does a guy need to have

  38. Very well rounded knows a little about everything
    Has to be very humorous
    Has to be a Sci-Fi freak
    He has to be a house man stay at home kinda person
    Who cares as long as he does what I say

  39. Finally! I dont want follow any religion of belive in any kind of a higher power you

  40. Say Im going to hell
    Say fine your choice but Im not happy
    Your okay with my choice but say think about other stuff
    Tell me well that you want me to become Amish
    Make me watch Passion of the Christ

Lets see if you are the one to be for Andy or not.


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