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Thursday, February 09, 2006

what type of gangsta are ya?

  1. what do you and your friends do when you hang out?

  2. be true gangsta's
    kill animals
    stay home and play video games
    rob mother fuckers

  3. if some one walked in your house you?

  4. pistol wip them
    blow thier brains out
    scare them with a gun
    run out of the house

  5. what type of weapon do ya prefer (auto) (semi) (singleshot) or (bitch gun)?

  6. glock
    ak-47 assult rifle
    9 mm
    12 guage shotgun

  7. what would you do if you were on a high speed chase n the only thing that you had was your gun?

  8. dispose the gun an try to get away
    give your self up
    try to kill those fucking pigs
    tuck n roll

  9. what would you do if you shot your girl dead?

  10. call the cops
    dispose the body an play it off
    sit there an cry
    plant the evidence on your best friend


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