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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

How much do you love your girl?

Wanna find out how much you love your girlfriend? Come and take the quiz. It has only 10 questions and takes less than 3 mintues. Come on!
  1. If she falls into a deep cliff, what would you do?.

  2. feel regret because you cant save her life but still contiune to go on with new life without her
    falls with her because without her your life would be empty and meaningless
    feel grieve for the rest of your life and probably not fall in love again
    i dont know

  3. You can propse her right now, will you do it?

  4. Definitely i love her with all my heart
    Maybe but still need to consider if she is the right one for me or not.
    i'm not sure because i dotn want to marry her yet
    No i dont want to

  5. What do you think about the saying" until death tears us apart..."

  6. nah it's just a saying. doesn't work for me
    True to me! nothing can stop my love for her but death
    it's somewhere true depends on my mood
    Not true! Love may be changed by other factor. i'm not sure i love her for the rest of my life

  7. If you ahve a wish, what will it be?

  8. have lots of money
    have my dream car
    be happy with my girl for the rest of my life under parent's permission
    be smart, have good scholarship

  9. She is mad at you because you pay less attetion to her. What would you do?

  10. Leave her alone for some days until she is less mad...
    Dont talk to her until she talks back. It's childish to be mad for that
    Try your best to ask for forgiveness and wont do it again
    i dont know. Let it be as what it is

  11. Do you think this is your last love?

  12. Of course she is my life, my love
    Somehow yes..
    Not really, i dont feel i have strong and right love

  13. What is most important in love?

  14. Sex
    Not Jealous

  15. What can you do for her?

  16. Anything
    Depend what it is
    i dont know. never think about
    may be some small think that wont take much effort or too hard to do

  17. Do you see her as fiancee yet?

  18. Of course without conscious thought
    Not really

  19. What happens if your family/her family refuse?

  20. still be patient and try to persuade them and never leave her alone
    i dont know but at least try
    if they have right reason i will give up on her
    has to do what they say since they are parents and usually right.

0-10: you dont love her at all. May be it's illusion or a frienhship relation that be exagerted

11-20: It's almost love but still now. You are just liking her. Try to be more closer and spend time wih her. You may turn it to a great LOVE

21-30: Congratulation! You are having a true and sweetest love ever. Keep it up!


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