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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Do~YoU~KnOw~Me~? I bet not

Everyone has a best friend that they think they know everything about but this goes for you Jasmine, Nicole, Julia, Bridget, Christina M., Nayeli, Jenae, Brigita and sam....... do you think that you know me as well as you do?? FIND OUT! :)
  1. Whe is my birthday?

  2. March 13th
    June 13th
    October 29th

  3. What is my favorite food?

  4. spaghetti

  5. Who is my favorite singer?

  6. Ashlee Simpson
    Chris Brown
    Hilary Duff

  7. How tall am I?

  8. 5'2

  9. What is my favorite clothes store?

  10. Aeropostale
    Banana Republic

  11. Who is my best friend?

  12. All of the people I listed above
    Galka Vinyernay
    none of the people I listed above EWW!

  13. Who is Galka Vinyernay?

  14. my imaginary friend
    someone from church
    someone in a famous movie

  15. what is my favorite movie?

  16. Big Fish
    High School Musical
    When A stranger Calls

  17. what are my dogs names?

  18. Fluffy & Baby
    Tinkerbelle & Fluffy
    Miller & Madison

  19. Who do I have the biggest Crush on EVER?

  20. Dimitry

Well I hope that you had fun with my quiz! Click below to see how much you know about me.


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