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Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Quiz

  1. what is my favorite color?

  2. pink

  3. every year how many weeks do i stay in california?

  4. 1

  5. when i say i love you i mean...

  6. i wish i was you
    i love you until i get tired of you
    i want to stay with you forever

  7. when do i get a new pacemaker?

  8. june 4,2006
    october 6,2008
    april 4 2006

  9. what is my favoriet thing in the whole world??

  10. clothes
    my jewelry

  11. who is my favorite person in the whole world??

  12. me
    or me

  13. if i could do anything in the world what would i do?

  14. be president
    be a olympic person
    be a cheerleader

  15. who is my two favorite singers/band

  16. greenday/goodcharote
    simple plan/3 doors down
    nickelback/puddle of mudd

  17. who is my favorite hip hop artists??

  18. eminem/lil jon
    eminem/pussycat dolls
    pussycat dolls/liljon

  19. what is my favorite song from the pussycat dolls???

  20. don't cha

  21. what is my favorite song from eminem??

  22. just lose it
    when im gone
    the real slim shady

please press "am i like you" to find out your score!!!


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