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Saturday, February 11, 2006

best friend quiz

Take this quiz if you want to see if your bff is really your best friend...FOREVER
  1. If you liked your best friends boyfriend, what would she do?

  2. dump him in a second
    tell you...
    tell him that you like him and make him decide between you two
    stay with him until she no longer likes him as much and then she decides to dump him

  3. Does your best freind have someone you usually get jeaulus of because you feel she like them more?

  4. yes!!!...i am sooo jealus of her boyfriend
    not just one person, soo many people
    not at all, she is commited to being with me no matter what
    there is this one girl who she hangs out with so much and it annoys me

  5. can you tell your best friend EVERYTHING?

  6. there is only ONE thing i cant tell her, but i am honest about everything else
    almost everything
    yup....no matter how bad something may be...i can tell her ANYTHING
    not quite...

  7. how often do you and your best freind fight?

    rarely, but it has happened before

  9. if you and your best freind were in a fight, what would it be about?

  10. how she doesnt treat you like her best friend
    about how her boyfriend is ruining your friendship
    us...in a fight!?!?!?!
    about how she doesnt invite you to the new places she goes to and thatshe is starting to ditch you

  11. Truthfully....how long do you think your friendship will ACTUALLY last?

  12. 7 more years
    a few more years
    not too much longer....8 more months if we get lucky

  13. how often and how do you and your best friend communicate?

  14. once a day...on the phone or on the computer
    once a week in person or on the computer
    three times a day in person and/or on the computer and phone
    only on the computer twice a day unless i have a hw question in which case i call her


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