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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What is your MSI personality?

What would be your first reaction to the following hypothetical situations?...
  1. If you caught your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you on Valentine's Day?

  2. Scream, "Motherfucker, go kill yourself!"
    Jump a gun, bust a cap in the ground!
    Think, I am royally FUCKED.
    Declare: "Guess what, girlfriend? -- you have got nothing on me, whore."

  3. If you could go back in time and kill one person?

  4. Milli Vanilli
    Jesus Christ
    Harry Truman
    Jimmy Page

  5. If you are told you are incompetent in bed?

  6. Say, "That is it -- last time I am stupid enough to think that I could rock your fucking world."
    Think, I have lost my edge.
    Say, "Once again -- right back at you, baby."
    Say, "Don't forget to fuck yourself. You're so wrong."

  7. If you had to give a Grammy acceptance speech?

  8. "I am TIGHT."
    "I'm not that cool. I'm just not that great."
    "Holy SHIT!"
    "You can call me little Miss Piss with a kiss."

  9. If your friend just got dumped, mugged, and framed for murder in one day?

  10. Say, "Boo fuckin hoo, you're not the only one whose life's a piece of shit."
    Fuck it. Two tears in a bucket.
    Suggest, "Load it up and kill one!"
    Think, Mutha fuck it y'all, I don't need to feel this freakin stressed.

  11. If you just hooked up after you hadn't jacked off in weeks?

  12. Think, I'm so desperate.
    Think, She may not be good-looking...
    Say, "Come on, come on, ride it, ride it, POW!"
    Think, I've been denied all the best ultrasex.

  13. If you got in a brawl with Jimmy Page?

  14. Sceam, "Faggot, faggot, faggot, FAGGOT!"
    Say, "I'll show YOU how official midgets jack me off!"
    Say, "Home girls, get ready. You must pay."
    Yell, "I'll sneak up and HIT you like a FUCKING TORNADO!"

  15. If you had to comment on your dick?

  16. "I never really knew what that thing down there was used for."
    "Dicks are for my friends!"
    "My dick's the bomb, BABY!"
    "Y'all can jack my dick."

  17. If you had to pick a favorite capital letter?

  18. P

  19. If you had to give advice to the youth of America?

  20. "If y'all don't like it, just don't buy it."
    "Say no to brains. It's a no-brainer!"
    "Brothers wanna hang with the meth, bring the rope, cause the only way you hang is by the neck."
    "Eat shit. Suck cock!"

To get your results, click "HIT ME!" Then add up your points, go to www.myspace.com/minding_mercury, look at the "MSI Quiz Results" blog to get your MSI personality. Leave a comment on the space if you liked the quiz. Otherwise, don't bother --- if you don't like it, then we don't like YOU!


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