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Monday, April 17, 2006

Are You My Guy?

Go on let`s see if you come any where close to what I`m looking for. Let me know how you scored.
  1. You've just met someone online and would like to meet. You. . .

  2. wait a few days and talk with them more and then make your decision.
    instantly ask for directions.
    It depends on the person and how well things have gone thus far with them.

  3. You enjoy talking to this person and think there might be possibilities then you see a picture.

  4. You give it a chance. Looks aren`t everything.
    blow 'em off. Wouldn't dare be seen in public with them.
    We can be friends but as for anything else. I doubt it

  5. I like women who

  6. are secure and independent
    don't mind a little help
    will drop everything to be there when i snap my fingers

  7. On a first date would like to

  8. spend a quiet evening in.
    try and WOW her, by any means necessary
    do whatever she wants.

  9. You meet someone and a friend disapproves you

  10. listen to them and quicky dump them.
    don't care what others think. She could be the one!
    Never come across that situation

  11. You drive

  12. a beat up old car that barely gets ya anywhere
    a truck, SUV, or another utility vehicle
    Don't have any means of transportation

  13. Were you truthful when answering question 2? Be honest this time!

  14. No
    I plead the 5th.

  15. After meeting me and finding we didn't "click"

  16. You say bye and go.
    You say I`ll call you with no intentions of doing so.
    You kiss me say thank you, had a nice time but it just wasnt there.

  17. Which would you prefer?

  18. A nice stroll on the beach.
    Sitting at home just hanging out
    Camping, hiking, fishing etc.

  19. If you weren't here checking out my page and I mailed you. Would you

  20. ignore it completely?
    reply just out of courtesy
    send me a mail and find out!

Dont forget to post your score.


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