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Saturday, April 15, 2006

how much do yo know about me?

hey thanks for taking my quiz. so now lets se how much you know about me.
  1. who is my best friend?

  2. I dont have any friends
    Taylor Moseley
    Briana Allen

  3. Who is my boyfriend?

  4. Patrick Smith
    Aaron Trull
    Im single

  5. What color are my eyes?

  6. Blue

  7. what do i like to do on friday nights?

  8. go to the movies
    go shopping
    Talk on the phone

  9. What is my cats name?

  10. tabby

  11. what is my favorite tv show?

  12. date my mom
    yo momma
    parental control

  13. what are my dogs names?

  14. Precious,Kelcey
    Paws, Claws

  15. why did i make this quiz?

  16. making quizzes is my hobby
    To ammuse myself
    i was bored

thanks for taking my quiz!


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