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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Swat test!

Iya a Swat?
  1. Do ya go red wen ya get shouted at ?

  2. Proper red ?
    Nor....wudnt der!

  3. Do u shout owt or put ya hand up ?

  4. Shout owt ?
    Put ya hand up ?

  5. Do ya chew in class?

  6. Ye...luv ih!
    No..wudnt dream of ih!

  7. Do ya av a swat Nott?

  8. No!!

  9. Do u read in class?

  10. Nah

  11. Do u answer the teachers back?

  12. Nooo

  13. Do u say sorry wen ya get shouted at

  14. Ye

  15. Do u panic wen u get sent 2 the headteacher or a uva 1?

  16. Ye....carnt stop shakin

  17. Are you a T.P

  18. Ye
    Wudent der!!

  19. Do u sit at the front?

  20. ye..all the time
    No..like ih at da back!

r u a swat?


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