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Thursday, April 13, 2006

how much of a freak are you....deep down???

okay, so you know you're a truely freakish person. what better way to let your true colors shine then to take this quiz? stand tall. or short. be freakish.
  1. If you could eat one food for a week straight, what would it be?

  2. nothing. I don't eat.
    cheese pizza
    bread or something that resembles bread
    do insects count?
    peanut butter

  3. How would you describe your personality?

  4. very very very very very ecstatic!!!
    so-so, sepends on the day, I guess
    I have no personality...
    a mix between obnoxious and funny

  5. What is your favorite color?

  6. pink
    a lot of colors!!!
    a mix of orange and purple

  7. How would you describe your social life?

  8. it's okay
    I only have a few friends, but they rock!
    what social life?
    I'm pretty much a lone wolf, but I get along okay
    I have a lot of friends
    I like to drink blood...

  9. If your body really was a work of art, what would it look like?

  10. crap
    very colorful
    a chicken...buh kok!!
    it already is *points to tatooes*
    very sad and dark

okay, so the higher you score, the more freaky you are. now, if you could only get that straight jacket to come off....


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