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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Do you really love your partner?

Take this simple ten question test to tell if you really love your boyfriend or girlfriend!
  1. When you are with that special person, do you feel happy?

  2. Definitely
    Regularly happy, like when I'm "just in a good mood"
    Nope, not at all

  3. When people ask you who your going out with, do you lie or whisper the answer to them?

  4. Of COURSE!
    Depends on who asks me
    Never- I'm proud of my relationship and wanna announce it to the world!

  5. Do you pretend to be something your not while with your partner?( don't lie, who will know?)

  6. Unfortunately, yes.
    Every now and then,when it comes to certain things
    Never! I want them to love me, not a non-existant person!

  7. Do you see your relationship going somewhere?

  8. Not really...
    I can picture it, but I'm not so sure it's gonna get that far...
    Oh yes! Our own little family...

  9. Can you list 5 things you like about this person that DOES NOT include their looks? Be honest!

  10. Yep, in five seconds!
    ummm...Does three count?
    No... Is that a bad thing?

  11. Did you rush into the relationship or did you get to know the person first?

  12. TOTAL rush! knew him/her for a day or so!
    Ahh. i knew him/her for a couple months...
    I knew this person for a whole year. We were great friends!

  13. Can you get along with this person without yelling over every word?

    Sometimes that happens...
    Oh no never we get along wonderfully!

  15. Have you ever hit them intentionally?.

  16. Noone saw, so does it count?
    Once or twice, but they deserved it.
    Are you kidding me? You would'nt catch me dead hitting them. I love them with all my heart!

  17. Do you re-read their texts and notes and save the message they left on your answering machine?

  18. Who doesn't? I have MEMORIZED EVERY WORD!!!
    Only the one that says ,"Good night baby, Love you," in it.
    No.. that's kinda gay... who does that anyway?

  19. Do you crave to be with them when you lay down in bed at night, just to cuddle?

  20. Please; I lay down, close my eyes and they are all I see and think and dream about.
    No I would be afraid to vomit on my bedcovers!
    Every now and then when I haven't spoken to them in a while.

If you didn't get a good score, maybe you should really take a good look at your relationship and think about looking for someone else? You are just wastiong your own time and theirs if you dont even like them!


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