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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How crazy are you?

Are you as normal as they come or are you a zany nut? Find out!!
  1. Select a song from the following list:

  2. southpark themesong
    the latest song on the charts

  3. You are bored in a movie, you:

  4. pull out your mobile phone and text your friends
    Fall asleep
    Strike up a conversation with the equally bored people next to you

  5. It is the end of your night out, you have no transport home, you:

  6. Phone your mother and hysterically demand that she fetch you
    calmly ask a friend in the building to give you a lift
    borrow money and catch a taxi- they aren't so dodgy at night

  7. You are bored at a shopping mall, you:

  8. Pull out your mobile phone and make prank calls
    window shop- you'll make the most of it nomatter what
    Walk up to random steves and introduce yourself

  9. You are best known for your:

  10. Ability to entertain people by just being yourself
    Obsession with robbie Williams
    Calm nature

  11. Your ideal topic of conversation is:

  12. The latest media scandal
    The latest gossip
    Something totally random involving your latest whacko act

  13. You are most happy when:

  14. You are having fun
    You are with your loved ones
    You are dangling upside down in a rollercoaster or doing something equally envigorating

  15. You attract attention:

  16. Quite a lot- peopel can't help hearing your conversation about the inside of Adult world
    Sometimes- when your latest zany hairdo is seen
    usually never- i'm not that offbeat

Look, crazy people made this quiz, just doing it shows you're doubting your normality, so in a way, you are crazy and normal. You just have to define what your level of crazy is.


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