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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What is your future???

Just answer :)
  1. What is your talent?

  2. extreme sports
    anything that involves sitting on the couch and watching tv
    I am good at everthing nobody can beat me
    I am not good at anything

  3. What do u see yourself as in 10 years

  4. as a supermodel!!!
    living on the streets.. begging for money
    i think i'm just going to marry rich and have the easy life
    i'll be dead/shot by then!!
    i'm going to have a successful job like a lawyer, doctor, etc.
    i'm not quite sure yet

  5. How are you at school?

  6. I am a straight
    I couldn't add 2+2 if my life depended on it
    good enough
    you don't want to know
    as long as I am looking good I will pass any test...I hope!

  7. Why are you even taking this quiz?

  8. im bored
    i have no life
    my friend and i are laughing at all the stupid questions
    becuz i feel like it... GOSH.. why do you care
    because.. it is very delightful
    i'm not sure yet... why am i taking it?

  9. You are stranded on an island an you are only aloud to bring one thing what would it be?

  10. my hair curler, crimper and straightener
    sketch book
    a bag of chips (doritos)

  11. If you could draw 1 thing, what would it be?

  12. anything.. i luv drawing
    something scary.. like the cover of a horror movie
    why would i draw? drawing sux
    something beautiful.. with pink and butterflies and ponies
    probably an action thing
    whatever i draw.. it wont turn out very good

  13. If you could live in any state what would it be?

  14. New York, the big city
    my couch..it's my life
    California..close to Mexico for the Baja races
    Florida..it has a lot of wild animals and nature
    Mississippi..It has a cool name and I don't really know..this is suppose to predict my future?

  15. how would you rate this quiz?

  16. its ok
    its awwwwwsum
    no comment
    it sux
    only the best quiz ever
    do i reallly have to say


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