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Saturday, June 10, 2006


Here are just a few questions to give you an insight on how others view you as a person!
  1. I f you were invited to a party where you only knew the person who invited you would you?

  2. mingle try and get to know the others
    sit down and get drunk, hell me dont know you anyway
    ask your friend to introduce you to the people instead of doing it yourself

  3. there's this cute girl/boy that you have your eye on for a while do you

  4. decide its time he/she knows how you feel
    just stare,thinking he/she wouldnt go for a person like me
    send a friend over there where she/he to give he/she your number so he/she can call you

  5. you found out your boyfriend/girlfriend was cheating

  6. you confront her/him and tell them its over
    you do the same thing back because he/she did it to you
    tell nooneone because your too embarrassed it happened to you.

  7. your parents are going out of town for the weekend

  8. you decide to have a party with beer boys girls the whole nine yards
    have can your girlfriend/boyfriend come over just the two of you
    tell your friends its ok to have a big orgy at your place

  9. if you were on a island with two people and could only bring one thing what would it be

  10. A toothbrush
    a boy/girl for sexual pleasures
    food and lots of it

  11. its almost time to graduate college you

  12. tell your friends you want to get drunk the night before
    cry you dont wanna graduate from college
    say "its about damn time im sick of seeing these damn people

  13. your out of town and what is it you forget

  14. your boyfriend/girlfriend, you wondered why it was so quite
    damn my money
    some CDS

  15. your parents say be home by 1'am

  16. you decide why not stay out later it has to be worth getting grounded for
    get home on time shyt you wnna go out tomorrow night!
    get drunk them come home, so you dont have to really listen to them

  17. its the last day of school you and you friends want to

  18. have a water ballon fight
    or get on the bus and go home
    are do the nasty with ur boyfriend/girlfriend when u get home

  19. you have three question for ur partner would you want the truth

  20. yes

I had fun doing this


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