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Friday, June 16, 2006

YOU think u knwo me

  1. Wat would i rather do on a sunday

  2. work
    watch tv
    hang out and watch movies with friends
    sleep all day

  3. wats my fav movie

  4. star wars
    lord of the rings
    chronicles of narnia
    girls gone wild

  5. who is my best friend

  6. jesus hahah
    no one i just have alot of close friends

  7. my fav song?

  8. temperature sean paul
    america fuck ya
    i have a new fav each week
    wannabe spice girls

  9. my fav sport

  10. volleyball
    figure skating

  11. do i have a girlfriend and wats her name

  12. yes, laura alhm
    no u kidding me look at our town
    yes, alesha keys
    yes, this girl from cranny

  13. am i a nice guy?

  14. hell ya
    fuck im a jerk
    i dont no im not modest

  15. wat is my favourite tv show

  16. dont got a fav
    every show on the net
    the profiler

  17. wat/who do i hate the most

  18. poor ppl/religon
    religon/tyson musil
    all the above

  19. do u like me as a friend?

  20. no
    ya ur alright
    ya your a really good friend
    yes i really like having u as a friend ur one of my favs

thanks for takin the quiz


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