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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Big Bro Quiz

Hello and welcome to frenchies big bro quiz , have a go and see if you can get top marks and be the big bro no.1 fan .
  1. What was the porn movie called that lea starred in ?

  2. Casting Cuties
    Big And Bouncy
    Up Large And Personal
    Big Boozkers

  3. What is graces proffession ?

  4. Waitress
    Accounts Manager
    Promotions Girl
    Dance Teacher

  5. What soap has nikki starred as an extra on ?

  6. Coronation Street
    The Bill

  7. What kind of cuddly animal toy did michael bring in house with him and thinks is real ?

  8. Dog

  9. Fill in the missing sentence to glyns famous saying " can i have another _______ ________"

  10. Cuddle
    New Housemate
    Black Pudding
    Lapdance off lea

Well thats it folks all done with the quiz check your scores below to see how you have done ?


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