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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Boat or Plane

I am a Forensic Psychology major and I love to know about my own personality. So I decided to develop a new question that would tell about personality types. This quiz is my question and, after asking about 700 people within a few months, I saw that it had a 97% correlation of being right!

I wanted it to be cute, fun, easy to remember and short... BUT that also truly showed some worth as a psychological statement of one's personality. I was so impressed with the high correlation that I
copyrighted this "test".
  1. If money were no object, would you buy a boat or a small, personal airplane ?

  2. Boat

If you chose...

BOAT: this indicates that you do not always set your goals / expectations high enough. This may cause you to feel unfulfilled as you seem to "settle" in many places within your life (marriage, job, etc). When you wish to "escape" you probably find yourself close to home and / or limit yourself to geographical places that you are familiar with to some extent.

PLANE: you set your goals / expectations high; while most are realistice, some may be hard to reach. However you do not typically or easily lose sight of them. When you want to "escape" you have no problem going to unfamiliar places. For you the "sky truly is the limit".


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