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Monday, September 26, 2005

Tutorial Exercises

Test your knowledge of the role of the literary agent. Please take our short quiz below.
  1. Writer's choose literary agents to help them_________?

  2. Get published with a large publishing house.
    Publish an e-book.
    Gain a spot on the talk-show circuit.

  3. An agent is allowed to charge a writer for________?

  4. Postage and long-distance phone calls.
    Stamps and photocopying.
    All of the above.

  5. What is an 'unsolicited' manuscript?

  6. A manuscript submitted to a publishing house by an agent.
    A manuscript submitted to a publishing house by a writer.
    A manuscript sent to a writer from an agent.

  7. Most agents usually charge a commission rate between_______?

  8. 5% - 15%
    20% - 50%
    10% - 20%

  9. An agent agrees to handle all of the writer's__________?

  10. Personal bank statements.
    Legal statements and fees.
    Financial and correspondence related to a writer's book deal.

  11. How should a writer delivery their manuscript ideas to agents?

  12. With a query letter, bio and book proposal.
    With a picture, letter and a bio.
    With a business card and a book proposal query.

  13. A reputable agent should never__________?

  14. Consult with the writer on issues.
    Assist a writer with a marketing plan.
    Charge any writers fees 'up-front'.

  15. Trends in publishing constantly__________?

  16. Remain the same
    Are on the decline

  17. An alternative to using an agent is through a_____________?

  18. Small, independent publishers.
    Self-publisher like a P.O.D.
    All of the above.

  19. P.O.D. stands for?

  20. Print-On-Delivery
    Printing on demonstration

Good luck to you!


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