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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Quiz

This is a short quiz to see how evil you are.
  1. Why are you taking this test?

  2. To prove I'm not evil.
    I'm worried that I might be evil.
    Becuase I want to, d*** it!
    This test is lame, you have no idea what TRUE EVIL is!

  3. Isn't life wonderful?

  4. Oh, yes!
    No, life sucks
    I'll make your life a living hell
    All life shall pay for the crime of living!
    Can't kill without it... *sigh*

  5. Evil is...

  6. Something to be stmaped out.
    Simply there.
    Quite pleasant
    My responsiblity as an able-bodied being

  7. What do you think of weapons?

  8. They're OK for self-defense
    I hope I don't have to use my arsenal
    Find me a target, NOW!!
    They're MINE!!! All mine!!! Muahahahaha!!!
    Who needs weapons? I *am* weapons.

  9. What do you want to do with your life?

  10. Raise a family
    Become a hired killer, raise the dead, or spread disinformation
    Take over the world
    Annihilate the biosphere
    Ask people, "What do you want?"

  11. Are you happy?

  12. Yes
    I'm not sure
    I don't understand the question
    That would be telling...

  13. You have been given a Rubik's Cube...

  14. I give up
    I'll solve it, eventually
    Where's my hammer?
    Where's my 12-guage?!? Bring it now, woman!
    I love this thing!

I found all of these questions on another test and it's much better...and longer. You can go to the website below to take the whole thing.


At 8:02 AM, Blogger SHANK said...

I got an 85.71... I guess that means I passed with a B. But does that mean that I passed being evil or not evil? Damn Statistics.


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